Wall-mount button panel
Wall-mount button panel
Designed to offer a user-interface to your lighting project, the B-Station2 is a wall-mount panel with 6 push-buttons. The buttons can be configured to send out a multitude of control messages via DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN. The B-Station2 is the ideal device for triggering your lighting scenes stored in a CueCore2 or LPU-2 controller.

The push-buttons are fitted with RGB LED rings. The LEDs can be freely programmed to create an intuitive user experience, for example by indicating which button or lighting scene is active, or representing the real-time colour of the fixture.
Messages from protocols such as DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN can be used to control the feedback to the LED rings.
Remote control CueCores
The B-Station2 seamlessly integrates with other devices from the Visual Productions family of control products e.g. CueCore2, QuadCore, DaliCore, LPU-2, TimeCore and IoCore2.

Multiple B-Stations can be networked together.
Stand-alone lighting controller
For small lighting projects, the B-Station2 is a clever, compact and complete stand-alone solution. Fitted with a DMX port, the B-Station2 can be programmed via the web-interface. It features a patch for 32 fixtures, 6 playbacks, many cues and even a basic FX-engine.

The bi-directional DMX port is RDM capable. This enables the B-Station2 to discover and commission RDM fixtures.
Control third-party equipment
The B-Station2 speaks many protocols that are popular amongst AV equipment and systems integration. This makes the B-Station2 compatible with a wide range of third-party equipment like audio players, media servers and show controllers, etc.
Show Control programming
The web-interface of the B-Station2 allows you to program triggers and actions based on incoming signals from any of the supported protocols such as UDP, OSC and Art-Net. Likewise, it is possible to send out messages or call internal software functions in the event of any trigger.
Combine with other products from the family
The B-Station2 can easily be combined with the CueCore2, LPU-2 and DaliCore lighting engines. Or the IoCore2, a GPI, GPO & RS-232 interface module. And the RdmSplitter, a DMX signal booster/splitter.
Download the software tools
The B-Station2 comes with the vManager software tool. vManager, allows you to discover B-Stations on the network, backup their internal data and upgrade firmware. There is also a simple program for creating custom touch-screen user-interfaces called Kiosc.

Please read more about the CueCore2, QuadCore, IoCore2, RDMSplitter and Kiosc.