The TimeCore countsdown for DJ’s at Funhouse XXL
The TimeCore joined the party at Funhouse XXL in Amsterdam this weekend during the Rainbow City Gay Pride events.
Funhouse XXL organised by Rapido Events features numerous DJ’s and spectacular timecode driven shows. Remco Teunissen of RTN Showsupport chose to implement the TimeCore in the timecode shows that were running lights, sound, laser and special fx alongside the DJ’s. The TimeCore listened to the timecode show, receiving SMPTE signals.
At specific timecode markers the TimeCore started the countdown. The DJ’s were playing until the first trigger, which had been counted down for a few minutes, reached zero. Then the prerecorded timecode show was played back. Just before the end of the timecode show the second trigger started a countdown on the TimeCore so that the DJ was ready to continue again at the end of the timecode show.