Visual Productions appoints AVL for distribution (BE)
In January this year, lighting control manufacturer Visual Productions, was fortunate to re-engage with an industry expert who also happens to be one of the first Visual Productions customers in Belgium, about 15 years ago: Luc Buytaert Technical Manager from Audio Visual Lighting (AVL).
Recognising a gap in the product portfolio at AVL, Buytaert had been following closely the product developments by manufacturers of installation and architectural lighting controllers. Impressed by the multi-protocol, solid-state technologies he was seeing being engineered in the Netherlands, he approached Visual Productions to discuss distribution.
The timing could not have been better for Visual Productions. For the past months Visual Productions Account Manager for Belgium, Maarten Donath, had been successfully developing the market working directly with installers, designers and local resellers. It was clear that the interest in and usage of the Core products in Belgium was rapidly growing. A full distribution deal was exactly the required next step.
AVL are a well established Distribution company serving both the Dutch and French speaking markets in Belgium. Alongside Sales Manager Yolanda Eliano, Buytaert and she have built a successful Distribution company which has gained an outstanding reputation in Belgium. AVL supplies first class service and supply to the Belgium industry. The beautiful modern office, based in Lebbeke, has a perfectly equipped showroom. Luc hosts many product trainings in the showroom sharing his technical knowledge and passion with all customers.
Says Donath of this distribution deal with AVL, “what a wonderful opportunity to work with such a highly respected company in Belgium. They have been continuously building brands on the Belgium market and have a great affinity for lighting control. We are delighted to have such knowledgeable, reliable 24/7 support in local languages available for our customers.”
Buytaert confirms his enthusiasm for this deal stating that they “were looking for architectural controllers to be used in museums, shops, theme parks etc. This we found in the VP products. Also very important was that the products were stable and almost maintenance free. Because all VP products are solid state, the choice was made very fast.” With the introduction of the TimeCore last year, this really confirmed to Buytaert that Visual Productions has the perfect range of products for his customers throughout Belgium and in fact Luxembourg too: “Last but not least, we have a lot of customers that use timecode. But every show is different, some use Midi Timecode, others SMPTE. So all equipment needs the right interface. But now with the Timecore, they can take in any kind of timecode, and distribute it to the type of timecode they want. Even sending it via ArtNet thru the network.”