The Pixera Media Server system is a compact yet extremely powerful media server range with many flexible options, including Visual Productions integration!
With Pixera, usability is key. The real-time media processing, compositing and management solution exists of high performance server hardware and innovative software applications. Pixera playout solutions are being used in museums, interactive installations, immersive experiences, theme parks, houses of worship and in many other markets across the globe.
A dedicated module within the Pixera control interface allows for easy access to the compact IoCore2 unit's inputs and outputs. The IoCore2 is a network-based solid-state interface for GPIO signals.
When including an IoCore2 in your system, you instantly add interactivity to your immersive environment. Think of changing video content when crossing a photo electric beam, pushing a button changes screen or information, and much more.
When using CueCore2 with Pixera, you can even add automated lighting control, whether it be simple white lights or advanced RGBW lights which will enhance the atmosphere with subtle colour changes.
A DALI controlled lighting system? Include control of groups or intensity with DaliCore, integrated in Pixera Control IO.
Synchronising video content with audio? Converting timecode? Pixera can control and sync up audio- and video content across multiple screens when integrated with Visual Productions' Timecore: compatible with all major timecode formats and all major frame rates.
Pixera compatible products