System Integration
System integration is most effective when it includes not only audio and video, but also seamless integration of lighting control.

To achieve this we have partnered with a number of control system manufacturers. All of the manufacturers listed below offer an elegant way to include a Visual Productions lighting controller in your system.
Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable, software-driven audio, video and control platform which enables an entire Partner Ecosystem. Q-SYS empowers with the tools, support and service to help confidently create impactful connections and memorable experiences. Visual Productions recently became Q-SYS Technology Partner

Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become an international leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles and networking components. Generally, MA Lighting is considered the reference when it comes to show lighting control.

The Pixera Media Server system is a compact yet extremely powerful media server range with many flexible options, including Visual Productions integration!

With Visual Productions lighting engines being network connected devices, part of your system design is the network. In order to communicate reliably, all devices should be connected to a stable network, built around robust network switches, for instance NETGEAR switches.