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Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Easy to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and multi-touch display. The controller has full support for moving heads, LEDs, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects.


The Cuety app requires the Cuety LPU. This device is connected via ethernet and offers an optically isolated DMX-512 port.
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The system architecture of the Cuety and LPU is designed for robustness. The powerful LPU contains the engine that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs. The Cuety app is your user-interface. In the case of a WIFI interruption your show will go on.


Cuety adapts a cuelist based system that is the standard in the professional lighting industry. You will be programming your lights according to the same workflow that top LDs use for stadium-size events. Cuety just simplifies it to give you an easy start.


A powerful inbuilt FX generator provides you with automatic movements for pan & tilt, various intensity chases and colourful RGB effects. The FX generator can be tweaked by changing its parameters such as speed, size and phase-shifting.

4,500+ Personality Files

Cuety comes with an impressive fixture library of over 4,500 different DMX-512 fixtures. Most of the fixtures even have multiple operating modes. You can easily request new personality files via our online technical support forum.

Cuety Remote

Cuety Remote is a phone app, it enables you to remote control the Cuety LPU by triggering the playback buttons. It does not allow you to edit the lighting cues.

LPU-1 vs LPU-2

There are two versions of the LPU available. The LPU-1 is designed for entertainment lighting and is very affordable. The LPU-2 is designed for fixed installations and offers extra protocols like OSC, UDP, TCP and HTTP. These protocols enable you to connect the LPU-2 to wide range of 3rd party control systems and show controllers, as well as apps like Kiosc.



Market Entertainment Installation
DMX Channels 512 512
Fixtures 64 64
Playbacks 64 64
Cues per Playback 48 48
FX Generator
Personality Files 4500+ 4500+

Combine with other products from the family

The Cuety and Cuety Remote apps for iOS available at App Store. Android releases are available from the Google Play. Windows, macOS and Ubuntu releases can be found on the download page.

Please read more about the CueCore2, QuadCore, IoCore2, Timecore and Kiosc.

You can buy CUETY here.


•    64 Fixtures
•    64 Playbacks
•    48 Cues per playback
•    FX Generator
•    DMX-512
•    Art-Net
•    sACN




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Izaak Enschedeweg 38A
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The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)23 5512030

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