Kiosc: Customise your touch screen user-interface

Kiosc is an app for creating custom touch screen user-interfaces for the Visual Productions’ range of lighting controllers. Kiosc is designed to have no editing capability, making it a fool-proof interface that can safely be presented to non-technical operators.

Remote control our lighting controllers

Kiosc is the ideal way to remote control our solid-state lighting controllers like CueCore2, QuadCore, IoCore2 and B-Station. You can also use it control our CueluxPro software. Kiosc enables you to choose scenes or presets, set intensity levels or choose RGB colours.

Design your own dashboard

Kiosc gives you the freedom to design your own control interface. You can make as simple or extensive as you like. Control elements like buttons, sliders, rotaries, colour pickers, xy-control and labels are at your disposal.

Run on any platform

Kiosc is available on desktop and mobile operating systems. You can download Kiosc for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, iOS and Android via the corresponding App stores. Because Kiosc is distributed via the App stores, you will not find the software on our download page.

Please read more about the CueCore2, QuadCore, IoCore2, B-Station and CueluxPro.


  • Multiple pages
  • Password protection

Minimal Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Touch screen is recommended but not required