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EARPRO distributor for Spain and Portugal

Friday 17. of March 2017

EARPRO, established in 1988 is a distribution company specialising in leading technology namely for the systems integration, retail, Audio Visual, rental, installation, broadcast and commercial lighting markets in Spain and Portugal.  EARPRO has continued to develop and adapt their strategy to stay ahead in their field.  Recognising the need to supply the latest technology for utilisation within their customers markets they saw a gap in their distribution product range for a high end standalone / solid-state lighting controller. A gap that is perfectly filled by the Visual Productions lighting control range.

Visual Productions is a Netherlands based lighting control manufacturer. They specialise in intuitive cross-platform software and solid-state hardware, which excels in supporting a large suite of protocols for systems integration. The products are designed for specific use in the architectural, fixed installation, theme-park, cruise ship, retail, entertainment venues, museum, club and hotel markets.  Account manager responsible for  Iberia, Maarten Donath, is excited about this new partnership: “I was thrilled by EARPRO’s skilled team - they made an extremely professional impression and are supporting all major installation companies across Spain and Portugal. The company have already started supplying our products to the hospitality market in Iberia”.

EARPRO has a highly skilled technical team in place for servicing their customers needs. They are actively working to make the Visual Productions products accessible to lighting designers, project houses and systems integrators. Throughout 2017 EARPRO will host a series of technical workshops that will allow potential users to experience for themselves the benefits of specifying and working with Visual Productions lighting controllers.

The full range of Visual Productions lighting controllers is available from stock at EARPRO.

ESPANOL: EARPRO comienza a distribuir Visual Productions en España y Portugal

EARPRO, compañía fundada en 1988, importa y distribuye en España y Portugal tecnología líder y altamente especializada de Audio, Iluminación y Visual Media profesional, para su incorporación en proyectos de instalación e integración de sistemas, retail, broadcast y alquiler de equipos audiovisuales. Atendiendo la necesidad de proporcionar la tecnología más avanzada y aportar el mejor asesoramiento en estos mercados, EARPRO ha visto la oportunidad de incorporar a su portfolio de equipos un controlador de iluminación de estado sólido autónomo, de primera categoría: se trata de la serie Lighting Control, de Visual Productions.

Visual Productions es un fabricante de control de iluminación, con sede en Holanda. Está especializado en software multiplataforma intuitivo y en hardware de estado sólido, que destaca por ser compatible con una gran cantidad de protocolos para la integración de sistemas. Los productos están diseñados para uso específico en los mercados arquitectural, de instalación fija, parques temáticos, cruceros, retail, salas de ocio, museos, clubs y hoteles. El gestor de cuentas para España y Portugal, Maarten Donath, está ilusionado con esta nueva alianza. "Quedé emocionado con el equipo humano tan competente con el que EARPRO cuenta. Me dieron una impresión extremadamente profesional y dan apoyo a las principales compañías de instalación de toda España y Portugal. La empresa ya ha comenzado a suministrar nuestros productos al sector del Hospitality“.

EARPRO cuenta con un staff propio altamente especializado para aportar soporte técnico y ofrecer servicio a las necesidades de sus clientes. Ya está trabajando activamente para poner al alcance de diseñadores de iluminación, gestores de proyectos e integradores de sistemas los equipos Visual Productions. A lo largo de 2017  EARPRO ofrecerá una serie de talleres técnicos que permitirán a los usuarios potenciales comprobar por sí mismos las ventajas de prescribir y trabajar con controladores de iluminación de Visual Productions.

Todo el rango de controladores de iluminación de Visual Productions ya está disponible en el stock de EARPRO.



UK: Solid-State Technical Training 23 February

Thursday 16. of February 2017

Company Director Maarten Engels will be joining UK distributor ENTEDI next week in Blackburn to host the Visual Productions Technical Training days. If you would like to learn how the Solid-State Core family of products can aid your installations and how they work in networks communicating with other AV equipment then please sign up now!

For Sign up and further information:

Tel: +353 1 699 4523

Email sign up link

We look forward to seeing you in UK!

LIVE-LAB new distributor South Korea

Tuesday 31. of January 2017

CueCore’s have been used to great affect in South Korea and this has led to a new Distribution agreement. South Korean based LIVE-LAB have recently learnt and used to great effect the CueCore1 and CueCore2 products.  Lotte World theme park is one of the largest in South Korea. LIVE-LAB specified and installed the CueCores for solid-state architectural lighting control within the theme park and also for a special themed event for Halloween in October.

The CueCores were used to control the lighting fixtures within the Halloween House.  When visitors walked in they could select a button that would activate a strobe and “kill” a zombie.

After these first successful installs in the theme park, LIVE-LAB have gone on to use the Visual Productions products in a couple of other installations.  In Samcheok (a province of South Korea)  a CueCore was used to control the lighting of projections in the window of the main Cinema here.  More recently in Yoeju, the CueCore was used to great effect for a riverside lighting installation called Big Rock.  The rock face was lit up with projections from a media server and lighting fixtures.  The CueCore controlled all these fixtures and was triggered using the onboard schedular.

As a result of these installations LIVE-LAB's CEO, Bonggill Chu and Visual Productions' Sales Manager, Zoë Castle talked about expanding the opportunities in South Korea through distribution of the entire product range.  Chu and his technical team are very enthusiastic about the ease in which to learn these products and the strength of control opportunities that they bring to a number of difference environments and markets.  Chu stated “CueCore is really good for installing and architecture, it's really smart and flexible product for various projects. Especially, the dump function with CueluxPro is really great and It's also useful to have the option of recording from a 3rd party console. It’s a very powerful feature that we can use multiple protocols like udp, tcp, osc, midi, smpte, DMX, artnet, sACN.”

The deal was sealed during LDI in Las Vegas and Visual Productions are proud to welcome LIVE-LAB as their new distributor for South Korea. Images from recent installations can be viewed in our gallery.

ISE 2017

Monday 30. of January 2017

Visual Productions will be exhibiting at ISE 2017 in the Amsterdam RAI exhibition centre. Please visit us at booth # 7-S160. The show runs from February 7th till 10th.

We recommend booking an appointment with the sales team (Zoë Castle and Maarten Donath) via sales at visualproductions dot nl.

Christmas Closure 2016 / 2017

Monday 12. of December 2016

Visual Productions will be closed for the Christmas vacation between Christmas and the New Year.

Our last day of business for 2016 is Friday 23rd December.

The office will be back up and running from Monday 2 January 2017.

The forum will be checked and moderated, but only irregularly, during this time. Therefor please do make sure you get your personality requests placed well ahead of 23rd December.

It is always worth posting questions during this week if you need support, as other users can often give great advise too!

We thank you all for your support during this last year and we wish you a happy and successful Christmas and New Year!

Greetings from the Visual Productions Team!

ASL Electronic at Light&Sound + IMS Stand C2032: CH

Thursday 06. of October 2016

The Light & Sound show in Lucerne has existed for 20 years and is popular among all professional users of light and sound in the entertainment market in Switzerland. This year marks an expansion of this important industry forum to include the Systems Solutions and Installation markets with the opening of Integrated Media Solutions tradeshow.

The IMS show runs alongside Light&Sound across from Hall 1, in Hall 2.

As Swiss distributor for Visual Productions, ASL has stand C2032 at IMS specially reserved for the Visual Productions lighting control product range. Here, Maarten Donath (Visual Productions), Roberto Krestes and Jürg Gallmann (ASL) will be available welcoming visitors to the stand where the solid-state installation products will be available for demonstration. This will include the newly available CueCore2 and the iOS programable solid-state LPU-2.

The show runs from 9th to the 11th October.


ASL Electronic

QuadCores in control at SugarCity: NL

Thursday 18. of August 2016

SugarCity, located in Halfweg a small industrial town half way between Amsterdam and Haarlem in North Holland, is the newly sort-after venue for Corporate events such as product launches, TV shows and photoshoots. It also hosts a network setup with the Visual Productions’ QuadCores, B-Stations and DIN rail DMX Splitters for control of the venues ambient lighting.

SugarCity uses the 1919 built Central Sugar Company factory. This industrial interior lends itself perfectly to the multi-venue usage, yet when unlit this steal interior was not easy to envisage as a rental location to top corporate clients. Bazelmans AVR were asked to design and instal a permanent ambient lighting design for the venue. This should be capable of local easy control for the venue managers to select when showing prospect customers around. The venue also required that any additional lighting gear bought in by Bazelmans AVR and other technical companies, for the events should be able to connect to the same network with control either by an outsourced desk or integration with the permanent instal solution.

Denise Schimmel, Director of SugarCity Events has chosen Bazelmans AVR for their years of experience in the lighting industry. Bazelmans AVR understood the wishes of SugarCity Events and saw the importance of a lightning design to express the industrial features of the old Sugar Factory. Dennie Tenniglo, Accountmanager at Bazelmans AVR, brought Roel van Gisbergen in on the project to design and instal the venues ambient lighting.

The 3 x QuadCores that van Gisbergen selected are set up in a network with a softpatch to the ELC nodes and 3 x B-Stations for end-user control. The venues lighting is divided into 3 areas, or zones, which can be easily handled in the QuadCore interface. 570 Quadcolors from Dutch manufacturer CLF are used to provide stylish up and downlighting throughout the venue. The DMX signal for these fixtures is boosted and divided around the venue by 12 of the Visual Productions DIN Rail DMX Splitters.

Van Gisbergen programmed the lighting states with CueluxPro, “uploading” them into the QuadCore.

The B-Stations have been programmed to allow for two separate scenarios:

1 The actions were programmed to enable the B-Station to provide On/Off, and a large selection of preset colour states.

2 When over-ridden by an external desk the B-Stations can also be used to control the up and down intensity of all the venue lighting.

Van Gisbergen set up the entire system so that the fixtures can also be controlled either with a simple 20 channel desk or with a larger desk which then can take control of all of the +1500 individual channels.

TV shows such as the Voice of Holland are being recorded in the venue. The typical desk of choice for Bazelmans AVR is GrandMA2 which can just be plugged straight into the QuadCore network in order to take control of the ambient lighting during a live show. Tenniglo says of the B-Station that he was really pleased with how very user friendly and robust this device is: perfect for such a venue. Van Gisbergen was pleased with the versatility of the QuadCore and complimentary of the eventual ease of programming the QuadCore and B-Station to provide the venue with this perfect flexible solution.

For further imagines of this venue please visit the gallery.



PLASA Focus Leeds: Stand N-B22

Monday 02. of May 2016

Zoë Castle and Maarten Donath will be joining UK distributor Qeytek for PLASA Focus EU in Leeds this month. Qeytek and Visual Productions invite you to the stand based in the New Dock Hall, Stand N-B22. Cuety, QuadCore, CueCore etc. will all be available for you to try out and discuss how they could be used to compliment your future work.

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