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CueCore Solid-State Control at Prolight+Sound

Tuesday 29. of March 2011

The CueCore will be launched on our stand, Visual Productions, Hall 11.0 A69 during Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, Germany in April.

The CueCore is a stand-alone lighting controller. The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a minimal power consumption.

All operating and programming is done through its dynamic and rich, web 2.0 interface. Connected to a browser, the CueCore unfolds itself into a 1024 channel lighting controller, complete with an industry-standard command-line interface.

With lighting projects becoming more complex every day, the CueCore features a powerful Show Control logic for advanced system integration. This allows for interaction with other types of equipment and controllers. The Show Control editor enables you to program triggers and actions based on events from scheduled dates or times, GPI or any other incoming signal. The Show Control editor also allows for powerful protocol conversions between any physical port, like DMX or MIDI and Ethernet based protocols.

With its exceptional value-for-money, the CueCore also features a DMX recorder with a capacity for storing 16 individual tracks. Each track has 1024 channels and is compressed for maximum duration. Multiple tracks can be played back, each with individual master levels.

On the stand we will demonstrate the features and interconnectivity of the CueCore. An example, for the ultimate stand-alone playback, the CueCore is compatible with the VisualTouch software. VisualTouch is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac & Linux) touch screen user-interface. In the CueCore you can program any combination of buttons, faders, colour-pickers, etc that will be available to the operators using VisualTouch.

You can expand your system and channel count by linking multiple CueCores.

We will also be demonstrating the latest versions of our cross-platform software lighting controller, Cuelux and the new personality file Builder software, which was previewed during Prolight+Sound last year.

For full technical details of the CueCore please visit: Hall 11.0 A69



Prolight+Sound Hall 11 Stand A69

Thursday 10. of March 2011

At this year's Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, Germany we are in Hall 11.0. The Visual Productions stand, A69, is located next to that of our German distributor LMP.

We will be showing the latest version of Cuelux with the Builder software and also using the opportunity to launch an exciting new product...more details to follow shortly on this one!

If you are visiting Prolight+Sound and would like to reserve time with us to discuss your company and our products please contact us with your preferred day and time here.

We look forward to seeing you in Hall 11.0 A69, Frankfurt soon!

SPAIN: Visit us at AFIAL 2011 in Madrid

Thursday 13. of January 2011

Next month we will be exhibiting at the Spanish exhibit AFIAL.  We are on the stand of our Spanish distributor Silence.

Cuelux will be controlling all the dmx equipment on the stand including special effects machines from Universal Effects and the LED products from LUX EVOLUTIO both lines distributed in Spain by Silence.

If you are planning on visiting AFIAL which runs from 7th to the 9th February please do come and meet us.  We will be demonstrating the latest version of Cuelux on the stand of Silence.

For further information :

Cuelux choice for Live Laser control

Monday 06. of December 2010

On 15 November at 20.30 809,000 Dutch viewers were tuned to RTL5 for the live broadcast of Benelux Next Top Model Final Show 2010!

The staff of Visual Productions tuned in too, but our support was less for the beautiful girls but more for Cuelux, débuting on Live TV as the choice controller from DutchView for the control of the laser show.

The show, produced by Endemol Nederland BV, was broadcast from the Lichtfabriek in Haarlem, NL, a venue now well known for Cultural and Corporate events that was once responsible for providing energy to the home’s in Haarlem. The simple, elegant setting and clever light design transformed the venue from a spacious factory into a stylish, intimate catwalk studio. The stunning models were complemented well by a beautiful lighting design from James van Someren of DutchView.

The Laser operator for the event was DutchView’s Jeroen van der Velden who explained why and how they chose to use Cuelux for the control of 3 green lasers and 1 full-colour laser:

“I needed to be able to control the lasers just like how the lighting is being controlled: manually trigger cues during the live-show, including fade-times. I setup a Cuelux system that controlled the Pangolin LivePro computer via DMX. That way I could control the lasers using cues from Cuelux, while still keeping all the laser safety-features and content of Pangolin in the chain.”

Lighting designer, van Someren, choose this special way to control the laser-system via Cuelux because “it was very important for me to be able to get the operator to make live adjustments when and if I required them during the show. This would not have been possible at all with a completely pre-programmed timeline show.”

The result was a win and modelling contract for 18-year-old Melissa and a win for Visual Productions with DutchView as another happy Cuelux user.

Cuelux Personality Builder released

Thursday 02. of December 2010

Visual Productions has released a tool for creating personality files for Cuelux, this tool - the 'Builder' - is available for Mac OS and Windows and is free for download at

The Builder offers a friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for creating and editing personality files. Users can amend existing fixtures or start building their own fixtures from scratch. The personality files (sometimes referred to as 'profiles') are visualized by a coloured diagram to indicate typical mistakes when inputting a the fixture's DMX table; like overlapping channels and values. Personality files created with the Builder can be used directly by Cuelux, the Builder also features an upload function to send the newly created file to Visual Productions' server to be included in the next software release.

With the release of the Builder application Visual Productions is still continuing its free-of-charge service to create personality files on user's request, however, the Builder is specifically addressing situations where personalities are required outside office hours.

FACE is new Belgium Distributor

Thursday 21. of October 2010

We are pleased to announce the appointment of FACE as our Distributor in Belgium. The intention for this collaboration was confirmed during Prolight+Sound in Germany earlier this year. CEO, Karel de Piere and Sales Manager, Geert Custers visited the Visual Productions stand to place their first order for stock of Cuelux and confirm the deal.

FACE is the result of the merger of Ampco Belgium and Candela. Specializing in audio, lighting and video they provide hardware, software and services to the professionals, the project market and their dealer network which are active in the entertainment, communication and architectural markets.

The FACE headquarters hosts, not only a seminar room but also a try out theatre: the ideal venue for Cuelux to run “Plug&Play” alongside the Behringer BFC 2000 MIDI desk also distributed by FACE.

Cuelux software lighting control fits well to the profile of FACE, offering an inexpensive controller that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, the latter often required in the DJ market and made available through their long established dealer network. Our Sales Manager Zoe Castle believes that with “Custers’ enthusiasm for software control, knowledge of the market and innovation, will help make Cuelux at FACE an interesting and fun partnership to work with”.

Geert Custers, head of FACE Visuals, sites their interest in representing Visual Productions on the Belgium market as: “We believe Cuelux is an ideal lighting tool for the young but demanding generation of light DJ’s and it works perfect for both live shows or fixed installs. The plug & play set up with versatile application tools that work on all operating softwares for an affordable price. Although this market is filled with multiple products already we believe CUELUX always stays one step in front of the competition and is the best buy at this moment. That’s why we wanted to have it in our portfolio”.

For further information you are welcome at

Cuelux now available on Linux

Tuesday 24. of August 2010

Cuelux software lighting control is now available for the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of open-source Linux OS. It’s free-of-charge and renowned for it’s stability.

Cuelux is a cost-effective DMX512 lighting controller for intelligent, conventional and LED lighting. It offers a darkened and touch screen optimized graphical user interface, industry-standardized cuelist system, iPhone remote control and can be used in 10 different languages. Cuelux has Plug&Play support for MIDI control surfaces that include fader wings, motorized faders and button stations.

With the new software release for Linux, Cuelux is now a truly multi-platform lighting software package; Cuelux was already available on Mac OSX and MS Windows (with both 32 bit and 64 bit drivers available). The advantage of a multi-platform system is that every user can choose his own preferred operating system in which he feels technically comfortable and in the case of Linux, even reducing the cost of the computer system and increasing the reliability.

We will showcase Cuelux for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows during the PLASA2010 tradeshow in London on the Visual Productions stand, Hall 1 G23.

Cuelux for Linux – and the other operating systems – can be downloaded from the Cuelux website.

PLASA 2010 London, Stand G23

Tuesday 27. of July 2010

Visual Productions will be exhibiting at this year's PLASA tradeshow in UK. The show runs from Sunday 12 September through to Wednesday 15 September at Earls Court in London.

You are welcome to visit us and can find us at our stand in Hall 1 - G23. Look out for us on the Visual-purple coloured stand that shows software lighting control for Mac, Windows and Linux.

We look forward to seeing you in London.

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