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Christmas Closing Times 2011

Monday 19. of December 2011

The Visual Productions Office will be closed for Christmas during the following times:

Last day for shipping goods in 2011 is Friday 23 December

Closed from Saturday 24 December 2011

Business as usual from Tuesday 3 January 2012

During this period emails will not be prioritized. We urge customers to look at our Forum if they have technical questions. There is some good information available here and posting questions may prove to have a faster response than emailing us.

Visual Productions Forum

From all of us at Visual Productions we thank you for your continued support and we wish you a very relaxed and happy Christmas break with a busy and successful start to 2012.

CueCore Workshop in Tilburg, NL

Monday 07. of November 2011

Full AVL Distribution and Visual Productions are organizing workshop on the CueCore. During this informal day, visitors can receive hands-on training on the solid-state lighting controller, as well as the related GPI and GPO modules.

The workshop will be held on November 10, 2011 at the Full AVL office in Tilburg, NL.

More information and sign-up form can be found at

CueCore Solid-State now available from stock

Friday 29. of July 2011

The first of our new CueCores have left the Dutch factory to fulfill orders placed by Distributors including those in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. In the Netherlands & UK dealers and customers have been enjoying the new CueCore with installations in museums, a shopping mall & a themed swimming pool already having taken place.

In designing the CueCore Solid-State Control, Visual Productions addresses the issue of maintenance in installations.

Maintenance required to keep the lighting and its control system working well over time must be kept to a minimum in an installation. In many, the computer proves to be the weakest link and main cause for maintenance: a broken fan, dust on the heatsink, broken power-supply etc. Choosing a CueCore for your installation means that no computer is required.

The CueCore is a lighting controller for permanent installations in museums, themed venues, parks, architectural lighting projects, bars, clubs etc… The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution with minimal power consumption.

The Hardware connectivity includes 1024 DMX Out, 512 DMX In, MIDI, MTC, SMPTE Real-time Clock, Astronomical Clock, GPI Contact-closures, Ethernet, Art-Net, OSC, VisualTouch Compliant, Linking of Multiple CueCores.

All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web 2.0 interface. Connected to a browser, the CueCore unfolds into a lighting console, show controller, RDM Manager, DMX/Art-Net recorder and Protocol Converter, making it standout as a cost-effective, feature-rich solution.

Please click her for full specifications on the CueCore.




Light Partner for Danish Distribution

Wednesday 06. of July 2011

Visual Productions are expanding their Distribution Network with the welcome inclusion of Light Partner in Denmark.

This new partnership developed after company Director Stig Meyer Jensen visited the Visual Productions’ stand for a product catch-up at Prolight+Sound. Jensen, impressed by the new CueCore and noting the continuing innovative developments from Visual Productions: “the way your company is so dedicated to your products really impresses me,” delighted Visual Productions’ Sales Manager, Zoe Castle with the news that they would like to take on the distribution for Denmark.

Castle says of this “Stig had made it clear to me that they would only take on new distribution if the product and market where right for Light Partner to make it a successful venture. “ Taking into account the impressive array of distributed products at Light Partner Jensen stated ” your products will appeal to a user segment that we do not hit with our current products, because the price level seems very reasonable and yet the product quality does not suffer”.

Visual Productions have for a while considered Light Partner to be an ideal partner for any manufacturer due to the professional manner in which they present and support products on the market. Castle says that Light Partner “have done everything to live up to my expectations and better them. The Din-Rail Hardware and Cuelux stock is in place, sales started and technical knowledge acquired to support our products well on the Danish market. In particular Stig’s enthusiasm to the new CueCore is infectious! I cant wait to hear news on the first applications for the CueCore as I am sure Light Partners’ customers will enjoy our product and benefit from the professional level of support and sales offered by Light Partner. I have every confidence that they will rightly represent our products on the market making this a mutually beneficial venture.”

For further information you are welcome to visit Light Partner.


PLASA2011 1-G23

Tuesday 05. of July 2011

In September we cross the channel to spend a week at our usual spot in London for the PLASA2011 tradeshow.

You are welcome to join us on the purple stand, Hall 1-G23 in Earls Court.

At PLASA we will be launching the new CueCore Solid-State Controller, available from stock this month.  If you would like to book a meeting for a full demo of what this powerful product can do please contact me directly, Zoe Castle.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand.  The PLASA2011 show runs from Sunday 11 September till Wednesday 14 September.




Svensk Ljussupport in Sweden

Tuesday 07. of June 2011

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Svensk Ljussupport as our new Swedish Distributor.

At the recent LLB show in Stockholm, Ljussupport launched the Cuelux software lighting controller with the aid of Visual Productions' Maarten Donath.

Sales Director Hakan Bergh says of his choice to represent Visual Productions: “with new brands and products we don't like to take them on if we don’t believe in them. Visual Productions have a truly great range and we did not have to think twice when we saw the potential.” During the time at LLB Bergh and his team experienced that “Cuelux is 100% value for money and as a lighting tech you feel your self at home right from the beginning. It is not a computer software for lighting control, it is a lighting controller packaged as a software! It is a huge difference!! Everyone that took the demo at LLB was impressed, Cuelux is more than you think it could be!”

With stock in place and a great enthusiasm towards also representing the new CueCore when it is available in July, Zoe Castle, Sales Manager for Visual Productions states “the enthusiastic response, technical support and fast reaction to our products, leads us to believe that this partnership with Ljussupport will prove to be fun and productive for business on the Swedish market”.

For further details please visit:

Svensk Ljussupport


Visit us at LOUNGE11 with FACE in Belgium

Wednesday 25. of May 2011

The CueCore and Cuelux are visiting Belgium next week to join our Distributor FACE on their stand at LOUNGE11 in Antwerp.

Maarten Engels is joining FACE at the show to support the local launch of the CueCore solid-state control.

On the Visual Productions demo area of stand 1.10 visitors will be invited to see the complete interconnectivity of the new CueCore and to take a look at the latest version of Cuelux software lighting control working alongside this.

Cuelux is available from stock at FACE in Belgium and the CueCore will be available in July.

We look forward to seeing you at the show:

FACE Stand 1.10

Tuesday 31 May & Wednesday 1 June 2011

For further details please visit LOUNGE11 or our Distributor FACE

Distributor Svensk Ljussupport takes Cuelux to LLB

Tuesday 17. of May 2011

Cuelux is on view at LLB in Stockholm, Sweden this week.

As the new Swedish Distributor for Visual Productions Svensk Ljussupport are starting this venture with Cuelux prominently used on their stand.

As well as a dedicated area for demos of the software, Ljussupport CEO, Hakan Berg, says that Cuelux will control the competition area where visitors are asked to design a lighting state for Hamlet.  For this purpose Cuelux will be running with the Swedish made Visualizer, Capture and visitors will have control over the Chroma Q Color Force.

If you are planning on visiting LLB,  Svensk Ljussuport are located at B10:21.

Please click here for further details of LLB or click here to contact Ljussuport directly.

We hope to see you in Sweden!

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