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Prolight+Sound Frankfurt (DE)

Tuesday 12. of March 2013

In April we are exhibiting at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt.

In the same location as last year you can find the purple stand in Hall 11 Stand A69, next to our German Distributor LMP. We will be launching 2 new products during the show, both of which we believe you will be very interested in seeing...

CueluxPro:   Multi-universe lighting control software with integral matrix control pixel-mapper

B-Station: Networked button station interface, stand-alone or extension module for the CueCore

To reserve a meeting time with us please can you email me, Zoe Castle, your preferred day, time and contact details.

We look forward to seeing you at the show and introducing you to these great new products!

Go to Prolight+Sound website


PA Markt (NL)

Wednesday 06. of March 2013

Visual Productions together with Dutch distributor Full AVL will exhibit at the PA Markt in Houten (NL) on 16 March 2013. The annual PA Markt is very busy market for used audio and lighting gear, it draws a great number of lighting technicians from the Netherlands and Belgium. We will be explaining and demonstrating Cuelux on both Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10.8.

CueCore & CLS-LED's winning combination

Thursday 28. of February 2013

Dutch LED manufacturer and design specialist CLS recently installed an LED Light sculpture controlled by the CueCore in the Utrecht branch of Hollands' Casino.

Light Designer Timo Verhoeven choose for the control, Visual Productions' CueCore, as a Solid-State control solution would be more reliable than the alternatives.

The CueCore is controlling 10 of the CLS-LED Miram RGB fixtures. The installation, also completed by CLS, includes 1 x CueCore and 1 x button station.

Both the CueCore and button station are manufactured by Visual Productions and were supplied via the distributor Full AVL. The button station was supplied as a prototype with the product due to launch at Prolight+Sound in April later this year.  The brief of Hollands Casino was perfectly met with the combination of solid-state reliability in the CueCore running the fixtures and the button station interface.  The Hollands Casino required 6 buttons with set programs prerecorded for a number of different employees to select and run the lighting scenes.

Of his first experience with programming the CueCore and connecting with the button station Verhoeven states "They use the button box to select colour changing programs. It is a very easy solution for the staff at Holland's Casino Utrecht to use.  Programming the light colour programs went fairly easy in the CueCore.  Our first experience with the CueCore is perfect, both the programmer and I at CLS are very satisfied with the possibilities and the programming of this system."

ISE Amsterdam (NL)

Monday 07. of January 2013

At ISE in Amsterdam this month, Visual Productions can be found exhibiting on the stand of European Service Point: Hall 7 - Q220.

If you are visiting ISE this year please do visit us on the stand where we will have CueCore & IoCore set up for you to explore!

To reserve a meeting time with us, for a full demonstration of our products, then please email me your preferred time & day.

For visiting hours and show information please visit the ISE website.

Amsterdam Light Festival: CueCore @ Echelman

Thursday 13. of December 2012

Friday 7 December saw the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam Light Festival with 5000 visitors walking the streets of Amsterdam to view the light installations by internationally acclaimed artists.  Visual Productions are proud to have sponsored one of the key projects by American artist Janet Echelman.

The CueCore is used to control the lighting of the Echelman “1.26 Amsterdam” project which hangs magnificently, above the river Amstel outside the Stadhuis - Amsterdam City Hall.  The structure is in place as part of both the Illuminade and the Boulevard of Light.

Janet Echelman gives a new shape to the urban airspace with monumental, fluid, and moving sculptures that respond to environmental forces such as wind, water and sunlight.  1.26 Amsterdam is a reference to the earthquake in Chile in February 2010 that caused the day to be shortened by 1.26 microseconds. For Echelman, the possibility to integrate the reflections of light off the river Amstel, makes her work so unique.

Echelman was aided in the lighting design by LD Rogier Van Der Heide, they nicknamed the 4 scenes, Watercolors, Ghost, Launderette and Truth Revealed.  Programming the lighting for them was Floriaan Ganzevoort from De Theatermachine.  Speaking with him about his first experience of the CueCore, Ganzevoort opened with an enthusiastic “it really worked well!”.  The fixtures, sponsored by Philips Lighting, included 20 x ColorReach, 11 x City Color, 20 x Spectral LED Par Cans and 10 x ColorBlast.  Ganzevoort used his Strand Palette VL in combination with the CueCore for programming, capturing DMX streams he then recorded the entire show into the CueCore.

Ganzevoort stated that the CueCore is “an elegant way to program, an elegant software package” of which he was pleased to point out that he was “surprised it is so easy”.  Ganzevoort used the integral real-time clock for 24 hour playback of the designed scenes.  Using the CueCore in place of a PC based / console controller, Ganzevoort is assured of a trouble free, reliable solid-state solution, during the outdoor festival, which runs until January 20 2013.




Cuelux training at Bax-shop (NL)

Friday 23. of November 2012

Cuelux specialist Patrick Leijten will host an introduction training-session on the 28th November at Bax-shop in Goes (NL). Everybody is invited to join. It is free of charge; you are only requested to register at this link. This training is held between 14:00 and 16:00.

CueCore Illuminates at Tiffany & Co.

Thursday 15. of November 2012

Australian based design & installation company, Illumination Physics, recently completed the lighting refit of the Tiffany & Co.® flagship store on Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. The clean, bright design by Peter Kemp of Illumination Physics perfectly mirrors the jewels sold within the store.

The Tiffany shopfront required an even spread of light with accurate colour mixing, from fixtures placed in a cramped space providing very little projection angle. Sourcing LED's from the Illumination Physics manufacturing facility, Kemp was able to provide a technical solution enabling a bright and even coverage on the facade.

For control of the façade Kemp choose for the CueCore solid-state lighting controller, supplied by Visual Productions' distributor in Australia, Melbourne based LightTechnik. Kemp required of his control choice, a solid-state solution with the ability to control the levels of each individual colour within each fixture, therefore allowing the lighting of the façade to be totally balanced for each colour look required.

The CueCore was programmed by John Stanley from LightTechnik, liaising with Kemp to insure that the brief from Tiffany & Co. was adhered to.

The Cuecore was programmed by the ‘DMX in’ feature using the Cuelux Lighting control software, also from Visual Productions. During the programming phase, Stanley used the CueCore's OSC protocol for an app on an iPad to communicate to Cuelux. This gave him the flexibility to walk across the road, with the designer Peter Kemp, to view the entire façade.

The Cuecore runs with a start up trigger command programmed in the scheduler using the time & day function, beginning everyday with the infamous ‘Tiffany Blue’. The Tiffany & Co. staff can then override this and select one of eight preprogrammed colours via a custom-made button station. The button station was connected to the CueCore's 4 on-board dry contact closures and to an additional GPI expansion module.

Stanley found programming his first CueCore install to be a positive experience, stating; “The entire Visual Productions range of products have been amazingly robust and intuitive. Its great to have that peace of mind straight out of the box, it just works.”

Tiffany & Co. launched their enlarged and renovated store to great appraisal earlier this year. Rightly proud of his design, Kemp stated “This stunning front entrance is an exemplary example of how meticulous planning, clever innovation and creative illumination can come together to produce an effect that is both evocative and unique. The result is a powerful and distinctive façade that enlivens Collins Street and beautifully showcases the store by bathing it in a variety of colours, including the world renowned ‘Tiffany Blue’.”


Cuelux & CueCore visit Monaco MICS show

Tuesday 06. of November 2012

Maarten Engels will be exhibiting on the stand of French company Alterlite during the MICS show this week in Monaco.

If you are in the neighbourhood please do visit and introduce yourself on Stand 34.

Maarten has a nice setup of Cuelux to show to the DJ & Light Jockey market.  Demonstration of the CueCore shows how ideal this product is for hotels, clubs, bars  and fixed installations.

Hope to see you in Monaco!

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