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CueCores in 170 Basic Fit sport clubs (NL)

Thursday 12. of December 2013

Over the last year Dutch based installer First Impression Audiovisueel was commissioned to supply an audio, video and light installation for Basic Fit. Basic Fit is a large chain of sport clubs located throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. First Impression found a perfect control solution in the CueCore solid-state control for this customer.

The CueCore is a lighting controller for permanent installations manufactured by Dutch company Visual Productions BV. The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a minimal power consumption. All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web interface.

In 170 locations of Basic Fit “feature video walls” are now installed in the group lesson rooms. These “feature video walls” are made up from a combination of LED lights, speakers, narrowcasting players and HD LED Displays for the virtual fitness systems.

For the control element the CueCore was selected by First Impression as it can receive UDP messages, has contact closures and is solid-state. The narrowcasting video player sends UDP messages to trigger cues programmed in the CueCore. In each location one CueCore has been installed. Each CueCore can be controlled locally by 4 buttons connected to the onboard GPI contact closures. The CueCores are also set up in a network so that the virtual fitness content can be managed, changed and controlled remotely from the Basic Fit head quarters.

The CueCore has helped to enabled the feature video walls to become a perfect corporate communication channel for Basic Fit. The systems enable a completely new experience with lessons that can now be followed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore giving the Basic Fit members a significant added value and service which is now widely and enthusiastically being made use of. This solution insures that not only the Basic Fit corporate image and virtual fitness concept remains throughout, but also that all venues are supplied with new fitness content or members information at the same time.

Equipment installed to date:

170 CueCore

1020 Samsung MD55 professional 55” Full HD LED Display

340 Scala Narrowcasting player

2040 Showtec LED Par 7 Tri


CueCore controls "Fly's Eye" (FR)

Thursday 11. of July 2013

Originally designed in 1982, the stunning "Fly's Eye" was the creation of American inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). 31 years later, his design was realized and put on display at this years Toulouse Art Festival, France.

The vaulted dome of the white spherical building in Toulouse was dynamically highlighted in pastel shades, designed by Brad Koerner of Philips Lighting. 8 ColorReach, 4 iW Reach and 30 ColorBlast fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics used, all connected via LumenRadio’s wireless CRMX Slim products, with the overall lightshow controlled by Visual Productions' CueCore.

Lichtpunt Theatertechniek was trusted with the design and programming of the installation and the lighting show was played back by Visual Production’s CueCore. Paul Mulder from CLS, France joined Bob van der Klaauw to program the CueCore.

A first time user of the CueCore, Mulder found programming the unit to be a good experience. He utilized a number of features that make CueCore such a good choice for this type of application, in particular where Solid-state and a scheduler are explicit requirements.

The 17 minute long show was programmed on a 3rd party board and recorded into the CueCore. In the show-control section of the CueCore, triggers were made in the scheduler with “power on”, start show at 21.00 and Stop show at 01.00, daily for the duration of the festival.

Fly's Eye will next be seen during the Amsterdam Light Festival in December this year, where LumenRadio, Philips & Visual Productions products will yet again seamlessly become part of this stunning work of art.

For further information:

Gallery of Images

Licht Punt


Lumen Radio

Palm Expo China with ACE distribution partner

Wednesday 29. of May 2013

Visual Productions are proud to announce that they will be launching the new Distribution partnership with Advance Communication Equipment (ACE) for the Chinese market.

Maarten will be joining the team of ACE during next weeks Palm China Expo which runs from 7 to 10 June in Beijing. The booth is in E1 A11 A03 A04 and B03.

Cuelux and CueluxPro will be on the Live Lighting control area with CueCore, IoCore and B-Station all available for demonstration on the Solid-State control area.

For information on Palm Expo China

To visit the website of ACE

Plasa Focus Leeds (UK)

Tuesday 16. of April 2013

Visual Productions will be exhibiting at Plasa Focus in Leeds (30 April - 1 May). Please visit booth # RA-A15 for demonstration of our complete product line including the new arrivals: CueluxPro and the B-Station.

LLB Stockholm (SE)

Tuesday 16. of April 2013

Visual Productions will join our Swedish distributor Hofmann at the LLB tradeshow in Stockholm. Please visit booth # B05:51 and B07:51 for demonstration of Cuelux, CueCore and the new CueluxPro and B-Station. Maarten Engels will be available for any questions. The show runs from 23 April till 25 April 2013.

Prolight+Sound Frankfurt (DE)

Tuesday 12. of March 2013

In April we are exhibiting at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt.

In the same location as last year you can find the purple stand in Hall 11 Stand A69, next to our German Distributor LMP. We will be launching 2 new products during the show, both of which we believe you will be very interested in seeing...

CueluxPro:   Multi-universe lighting control software with integral matrix control pixel-mapper

B-Station: Networked button station interface, stand-alone or extension module for the CueCore

To reserve a meeting time with us please can you email me, Zoe Castle, your preferred day, time and contact details.

We look forward to seeing you at the show and introducing you to these great new products!

Go to Prolight+Sound website


PA Markt (NL)

Wednesday 06. of March 2013

Visual Productions together with Dutch distributor Full AVL will exhibit at the PA Markt in Houten (NL) on 16 March 2013. The annual PA Markt is very busy market for used audio and lighting gear, it draws a great number of lighting technicians from the Netherlands and Belgium. We will be explaining and demonstrating Cuelux on both Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10.8.

CueCore & CLS-LED's winning combination

Thursday 28. of February 2013

Dutch LED manufacturer and design specialist CLS recently installed an LED Light sculpture controlled by the CueCore in the Utrecht branch of Hollands' Casino.

Light Designer Timo Verhoeven choose for the control, Visual Productions' CueCore, as a Solid-State control solution would be more reliable than the alternatives.

The CueCore is controlling 10 of the CLS-LED Miram RGB fixtures. The installation, also completed by CLS, includes 1 x CueCore and 1 x button station.

Both the CueCore and button station are manufactured by Visual Productions and were supplied via the distributor Full AVL. The button station was supplied as a prototype with the product due to launch at Prolight+Sound in April later this year.  The brief of Hollands Casino was perfectly met with the combination of solid-state reliability in the CueCore running the fixtures and the button station interface.  The Hollands Casino required 6 buttons with set programs prerecorded for a number of different employees to select and run the lighting scenes.

Of his first experience with programming the CueCore and connecting with the button station Verhoeven states "They use the button box to select colour changing programs. It is a very easy solution for the staff at Holland's Casino Utrecht to use.  Programming the light colour programs went fairly easy in the CueCore.  Our first experience with the CueCore is perfect, both the programmer and I at CLS are very satisfied with the possibilities and the programming of this system."

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