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PLASA Focus Leeds: R-A12

Tuesday 15. of April 2014

Visual Productions will be exhibiting on their own stand – R-A12 – at the upcoming PLASA Focus 2014 in Leeds this month.

Visitors will be invited to preview the new product Cuety: lighting control for iOS.

Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Easy to use and budget friendly Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad's mobility and multi-touch display. The controller has full support for moving heads, LED's, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects. The Cuety app requires the LPU-1 Lighting Processing Unit. This device is connected via ethernet and offers an optically isolated DMX-512 port. The system architecture of the Cuety and LPU-1 is designed for robustness. The powerful LPU-1 contains the engine that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs. The Cuety app is your user-interface. In the case of a WIFI interruption your show will go on.

Also on the stand will be the Solid-state range of control products for permanent and semi-permanent installations with CueCore, IoCore and accessories such as B-Station & DIN Rail DMX splitter.

Available for demonstration will be the latest versions of our cross platform, touchscreen compatible software control: Cuelux & CueluxPro.


Discom Paris (FR)

Tuesday 25. of March 2014

Visual Productions will exhibit at the Discom conference Paris. Discom is an exhibition for the French nightlife industry; it will be held during 6-8 April in the Porte de Versailles expo center. Please visit for more information.

You can find the Visual Productions booth at D15.

Visual Productions at Pro Show 2014: Turkey

Wednesday 19. of March 2014

This week Director Maarten Engels is joining our new Turkish distributor, Dinakord Elektronik, for the Pro Show 2014 at Fiera Milano Interkeks in Istanbul.

Distributing company Dinakord have recently taken on Turkish distribution of the full range of Visual Productions lighting control solutions.

For more information about the opening hours of Pro Show please visit the website.

For more information on Dinakord including pricing and availability of our product range please contact the product specialist Ari Çavusyan directly, their website will shortly be updated.

Prolight+Sound: Cuety product launch

Tuesday 04. of March 2014

Next week Visual Productions will be exhibiting at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt: Hall 11.0 B40.

On the stand we will be proud to show you our latest innovation with the product launch of

Cuety: Lighting Control for iOS

Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Easy to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and multi-touch display.

The app works together with the new LPU-1 lighting engine. This engine runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs. The system architecture of combining the Cuety and LPU-1 is robust; in the case of a WIFI interruption your show will go on.

Also on the stand will be the Solid-state product line which includes the CueCore. Alongside these hardware products will be the latest versions of the popular Cuelux and CueluxPro software lighting controllers.

We welcome you to visit us on our stand!




Prolight+Sound 2014: Hall 11.0 B40

Monday 10. of February 2014

We are exhibiting at Prolight+Sound 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, this year.

Our stand is in the same hall as usual but a different isle:  Hall 11.0 B40

As previous years you can look to find us on the purple stand!

In order to have time to see the new products and latest developments in our range of lighting control solutions, then please contact me directly for a specific meeting date: Zoe Castle.

We look forward to seeing you in March at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt!

ISE Hall 10-S118: NL

Friday 24. of January 2014

Visual Productions BV will be exhibiting at ISE in Amsterdam during the first week of February.

We have our own stand located by the restaurant area in Hall 10-S118.

During the show we will be available to demonstrate the range of software and hardware lighting controllers that we manufacture, including the new B-Station, CueluxPro software & the solid-state CueCore.

We are also currently focusing on developing new distribution partnerships namely in UAE, Turkey, India, Russia, France & United Kingdom...

If you are interested to find out more, please contact Sales Manager, Zoe Castle, directly to book a meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand 10-S118.

Please use the following code to pre-register for free entry to the show: 913358

Visual Productions at CUE2014, NL

Wednesday 08. of January 2014

During Cue2014 in Rotterdam in January Visual Productions will be present on the stand of Dutch distributor Full AVL Distribution, stand 104.  All our control solutions will be on display and available for demonstration.

The new CueluxPro software is also nominated in the Innovation Gallery.

Please do visit the stand for an introduction to this new software and if you like what you see.....please do vote for CueluxPro in the Innovatiegalerij!

Cue2014 13-14-15 January 2014 Ahoy, Rotterdam NL.

Visual Productions @ Jaarbeurs (NL)

Monday 16. of December 2013

Visual Productions' Dutch distributor Full AVL, has recently overseen and supplied products for an 18 piece (36 universe) CueCore installation at the Jaarbeurs conference center in Utrecht. Full AVL was responsible for, not only the supply of product, but also the actual system design, placement and programming of this complex lighting control installation.

FullAVL's customer Controllux requested help from them with finding a complete control solution for the new Supernova meeting hub at the Jaarbeurs. This versatile venue has a space theme where “knowledge divides and multiplies” which gives a positive energy to any conference or event. It comprises of four conference rooms each with a modern, flexible and easy to use control interface.

Full AVL designed a control system comprising of:

2 x Linux based CueluxPro lighting control servers

18 x CueCore

2 x IoCore

7 x B-Station

All items are spread out over the conference suites in order to be close to the DMX controlled lighting. They are connected and powered by centralized PoE switches. All light fixtures are controlled by DMX via the CueluxPro software suite. CueluxPro renders the 2-dimensional pixel mapping effects for the large matrix wall in the foyer; made up of 240 x 8 RGB pixels. Other real-time matrix effects are generated for an array of 1500 RGB pixels inside one of the rooms. All the LED lines, downlights, fluorescent light etc. in this venue are controlled by CueluxPro as well, bringing the total number of DMX channels to 6,270.

The installation also facilitates DMX override for live events. There are 3 areas with the option to plug in a DMX Desk. CueluxPro manages the scenes and grouping of the fixtures and the DMX desk can control the levels of these groups or scenes.

The Building Management System (BMS) provides that each area can be blocked or released for use. If an area is in use, the BMS gives a contact to CueluxPro which in-turn will enable the lighting for that area and disable the “cleaning light mode”. Contacts are also given for sliding doors which can divide the rooms into two parts. CueluxPro manages how the control of the light is done: door closed = control of 2 separate zones, door open = control of 1 complete zone.

With automatic shutdown of the “cleaning light”, when the BMS blocks an area for normal use, the cleaning light is enabled. When a crew member pushes the “clean” button then CueluxPro activates the cleaning light and then automatically shuts it down after 1 hour.

The B-Stations wall-mounted button panels form the main user-interface for the convention centre's staff. The B-Stations are programmed to select presets and adjust brightness levels. Each back-lit button has an engraved label displaying their function.

Although Full AVL was responsible for the actual system design, placement and programming of this complex lighting control installation they were not the only company involved. Their customer, Controllux ,supplied all these lighting control products and the fixtures to Imtech who was the main contractor to the Jaarbeurs.

The installation took place in August and is now up and running and in use by such clients as Rabobank: the global leader in sustainability-oriented banking . The Jaarbeurs team are now able to relax and enjoy working with their “very simple, fool-proof user interface”, secure in the knowledge that the complex technicality behind the B-Station buttons will not cause them any concern or undue hassle in their working days.

For further images please view our gallery.







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