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Canvix Version 1.0 released

Wednesday 13. of June 2007

The much anticipated Canvix Matrix Server from Visual Productions is now available from the Canvix website for you to download and use as your dedicated professional matrix control software!

This powerful lighting control software can be used to control any type of lights arranged in a matrix layout. Canvix lends itself perfectly to the growing demand for control of LED products. 

With a touch screen compatible intuitive user interface Canvix software emulates the control elements commonly seen in traditional lighting control boards, making for a product that is quick and easy to learn.  With the use of our DMX Input Canvix can connect to your 3rd party control board to work as a fully functional Matrix plug-in.

Since the original Beta version was made available in April for your assessment, we have not only optimized the software but also enhanced the dialogues and increased the diverse features of this software, making Canvix even more accessible for use in a wider range of matrix control applications: 

  • The Canvix scheduler takes this software into another dimension allowing Canvix to be used not only in the Live Event market, but now Canvix can be selected as the matrix controller for installations, in particular architectural.
  • A virtual on-screen keyboard is now available for touchscreen-only applications. Optimizing the capabilities of this touch screen compatible software, the on-screen keyboard replaces the need for a physical one.
  • Compatibility with the VisualTouch touch screen lockable interface that allows for numerous lighting states to be selected and executed by non-technical users, ideal, for example, in bar, retail or museum installations.

In any situation, if you have a matrix, you can control it with Canvix and a choice of the versatile DMX interfaces available from Visual Productions.  We welcome you to download the software and enjoy getting to know all the fun features of this unique software programme.

Canvix successfully launched at Prolight+Sound

Thursday 12. of April 2007

Visual Productions enjoyed a very busy week at the Prolight+Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt at the end of March.  Launching their new product Canvix Matrix Server proved to be the highlight of the show for them with excitement for the product from both end users and resellers alike.

With a steady flow of customers visiting the stand each day demos of both VisualDMX and Canvix were almost non-stop.  The unique, stylish and easy touch screen interface for Canvix was greatly appreciated by all levels of users in this industry.  With minimum training required to sell this product prospective dealers found this an ideal product to consider for inclusion in their collections. Visual Productions look forward to welcoming new dealers to their company from a wide variety of countries worldwide.

VisualTouch also created a steady flow of interest with more and more applications seeming to require an easy to use lockable interface.  VisualTouch coupled with the powerful lighting controller, VisualDMX for conventional, intelligent or LED lighting designs in a range of installations from museums to clubs may prove to be the perfect choice.

Canvix Matrix Server

Saturday 24. of March 2007

From the makers of VisualDMX and Matrix Mania! comes the software lighting controller of the future:  Visual Productions presents Canvix the dedicated Matrix Server.

Visual Productions have decided to allow their future generation of lighting control software to be led by the current market developments in lighting: namely LED technology.  This technology calls for an exciting approach to lighting design which can bridge the gap between lighting and video with the use of matrixes.  This in turn requires a specialised form of control; Canvix has been designed for the exclusive use with LED matrixes.

Working with the established hardware available from Visual Productions Canvix tackles the control of matrixes with a unique concept: instead of controlling the LEDs individually, Canvix bundles together all fixtures to form one whole canvas; a 2-dimensional area on which effects and graphics can be applied. This powerful approach allows for sophisticated video-alike visuals, as well as fast pixel painting for the easy creation of graphics.

By reusing control concepts from traditional lighting boards and media servers, Canvix is designed with an advanced graphical user interface that will immediately make you feel at home.  For full compatibility with traditional controllers Canvix features a DMX Input and is supplied with personality files for all popular lighting desks.

To view this new product please visit us this month at Prolight+Sound 2007 in Frankfurt at Hall 8.0 C80 or alternatively we welcome you to our website:

Prolight+Sound 2007

Tuesday 06. of March 2007

Frankfurt, Germany - For the third year in succession Visual Productions will be exhibiting on their own stand at Prolight + Sound 2007.  Alongside demonstrations of the latest version of VisualDMX we will be launching an exciting and innovative new product – ideal for use with the current trend of lighting products; LED fixtures.

To find out more please visit us on stand number: Hall 8 C80

Prolight + Sound is held in Frankfurt during 28, 29, 30 & 31 March 2007. For more information go to:

AFIAL 2007

Thursday 08. of February 2007

Madrid, Spain - Visual Productions has been invited by our new Spanish dealer to accompany them on their stand at the Professional Lighting and Sound Fair AFIAL in Madrid to launch our products onto the Spanish market. HC Technologies approached Visual Productions about dealership in September 2006. Technical Manager, Javier Herrero de la Cal first encountered VisualDMX when he was living in Netherlands earlier that year. So impressed he decided to ask for dealership of the product and has not looked back since.

AFIAL runs from 8th till 10th February 2007 in the Pabellón de Cristal in Madrid.
HC Technologies with VisualDMX will be at stand No. 2

Toys "R" Us

Wednesday 17. of January 2007

Almere, NL - VisualDMX lighting control software has been used to great effect for a commercial installation in a Toys "R" Us retail store in Almere, Netherlands.

Dutch manufacturer Multileds used the VisualDMX matrix lighting controller, Matrix Mania! to programme and control a matrix set-up of 12 tiles of 50cm x 50cm each made to custom fit a metal frame sunk into the floor and flush to the stone floor tiles.

Joost Woreel from Multileds was approached by Toys "R" Us to provide a complete solution that would attract visitors to the escalators leading to their store located on the top floor of a shopping centre. Joost says he choose to use VisualDMX with an Elite interface as VisualDMX at the moment is the product for Multileds. It is easy and really great to work with Visual to control our LED tiles.

The VisualDMX Elite interface was programmed with consecutive sequences running at random to provide an ever changing eye-catching motif. The design incorporates 3 paths running to the escalators giving Toys "R" Us what they have said is the brilliant and unique solution that they were hoping for.

For further information on Multileds please go to:

Mystery Land 2006

Sunday 17. of December 2006

Haarlemmermeer, NL - During the summer months VisualDMX was used in a diversity of festivals around Benelux. From Wesley in Concert at the IJssportcentrum in Tilburg to the ID&T Sensation VIP rooms at the Amsterdam Arena, VisualDMX is becoming the preferred choice of software controller for many freelance programmers, especially when requiring a Matrix controller.

At the open-air Mystery Land festival VisualDMX came into its own with the ingenious programming of Allard de Jaager to control a large matrix of Parcans hanging over the Q Dance Stage. De Jaager uses VisualDMX regularly, sighting price and user friendliness as key reasons: it's cheap and relatively easy to operate. When you use it with a keyboard you can generate some really nice effects. For Mystery Land he chose VisualDMX because of the easy to use Matrix Controller, Matrix Mania!.

VisualDMX at Mile 2006

Saturday 28. of October 2006

At the end of October VisualDMX will be exhibiting at the Dutch tradeshow Mile 2006. We have been invited by QMAXZ Lighting to join them on the stand of their partner PHD Professional. The Dutch company QMAXZ Lighting; manufacturer of moving lights - "provide a unique solution for design and development" invited us to programme and control their fixtures on the stand which also allows for an area where visitors can come along and experience the new features of VisualDMX, such as VisualTouch firsthand.

We hope to see you there!

Mile 2006
Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 October
Nieuwegein Business Centre, NL
For details of the exhibition please go to

For more information about the QMAXZ products please go to
To download the latest version of VisualDMX or the VisualTouch feature please follow this link

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